And the doctor says……..

“Roderick, sorry to bug you this morning. But I have a question about your lab results. I was wondering if you took any supplements outside of the calcium I prescribe for you?”

“Ummmmmm…. No. Just alot of clean eating and bicycling. Why what’s up?”

“Well, your testosterone levels are extremely high. It’s not a bad thing. But it had me wondering if you were on anything.”

So in conclusion: I’m a walking, shit-talking, beastly hormone!!!

Maybe not quite what I expected to hear. But good news nonetheless. I get to continue the “once a year” schedule with the rheumatologist (the alternative is once quarterly if my labs come back with bad results). Those results have to do with the inflammation level of my blood, calcium & cholesterol. Currently, my inflammation level is at 6%. A high reading is considered 16%. And I’ve been as high as 22% back in ’07. Oh & as per usual, my skin decided to show improvement by my appointment time. Go f-ing figure! But…. Dr. Smith will be sending me some sort of antibiotic for my skin anyway; Says to, “Take it when you need it.”

Fun stuff these last few weeks…. New job at a brewery, that isn’t difficult & has a few perks. Eva is doing well with her combat hapkido class. And I’ve finally convinced her to start reading “Lord of the Flies.” I’m meeting new people & partaking in drunken shenanigans…. Emphasis on “drunken.” One of my neighbors may give me a dog, she no longer has the time/energy for. And a friend has asked that I consider mentoring a troubled, young boy, whose father passed away a few years ago. I’m unsure if I can handle that last one though. It’s a challenge that will once again, ask that I look in the mirror; Possibly confront some of my own shit surrounding “death & loss.”

All in all, it’s gonna be a great summer. I’ve no doubt.

Father’s Day…. Wow! I’ve been a father for 18+ years now. The best & most challenging job ever. To my brothas with kids (Derrick, Brian & Jason): KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! I’m proud of the efforts you all put forth.

Holy shit! I’ve got a birthday on Tuesday (19th). Good ol’ #39…. I think I shaved 39 gray hairs from my face & head yesterday! The hair on top was thinning to “cul de sac” status & that ain’t hot! And despite being a morning “firecracker,” I need so much sleep now, just to fuel myself for said mornings of explosiveness! That being said: I feel as strong as a boar! Probably the strongest I’ve felt in 10 years. Mentally as well. Just a damn good feeling to finally have obtained some level of peace and mindfulness.

Ok… I’m out! I’ll post again in a few days. Be well & enjoy your day.


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