Derrick… “And you know we don’t give a fuck it’s not your birthday!”(Drunk as fuuuuuuuuuck!)

“You can find me in the club…..” Yeah right! Ocean “fucking” Park, Washington has no clubs!!!! First of all, let me say “Happy Birthday” to my brother Derrick (First & only topic honestly). You were the first person to teach me responsibility. Through you, I learned what it was to be selfless. And thanks to you, I am forever motivated to be the best man, son, brother & father possible. YOU TAUGHT ME! Ain’t that some shit? “Momma’s boy” teaching the “Prodigal son?” Words can’t express how much I love you Derrick. I admire the man you’ve become; From “Spoiled brat,” to “Honorable.” I can only hope to live up to the expectations you have for me. Someday, I hope to see myself within the same light in which you do. Your hope in mankind should set the standard for us all. You’re “Super!” 😉 Honestly, I don’t see how you do it. But I see you brotha. And I love you for it. It gives me “hope” to some degree. And that is what the emblem of “Ra,” is to inspire. (You see what I did there?) We may have different fathers…. But there has NEVER been a “step” between us. I’m not sure if you know this…. But I prayed to “God” for you. I wanted you more than anything in my life. And July 6, 1985, with Mom in labor on I-84W, I took that muthafuckin’ wheel & helped her get to Emanuel Hospital! There’s a lesson in that. So let a brotha preach: My approach may not always be the conventional route. But I’m ALWAYS here to “guide” you, should you ask. You won’t. And I know this. You’re prideful. I kinda guided you in that direction as well. But I just want to “put it on wax,” for the world: You throw up the “Bat-Signal” Brotha, and you’ll get the muthafuckin’ HULK outta me. I’m here for it. Whatever. Whenever. Like I would for my daughters, I’d burn this fucking Earth for you! Our “sperm-donors” didn’t know what they shunned, when they abandoned us. Every day that we live The Life we want to live, we’re showing them our asses! So keep putting in that work!!!

I had my doubts early on. No lie. But I’m proud of you Derrick.

“Grown men don’t try. They do.” And you already know who said it first.


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