I’m gonna put on a mask & scare white people today….. It’s Friday the 13th!!!!

And while that’s what I did, it hurt like hell. Not that I believe in that place. But were it to exist, I assure you it feels how my quads feel right now: “MY QUADS ARE ON FIIIIIIIIRE!” No 20-30 miles on the bicycle today. I was lucky to have hit 12 miles. I just didn’t have it. Early wakeup, long drive (Eva’s orthodontic appointment), no stretching & an “accidental discharge.” That discharge being, I shouldn’t have left the house. Should have slept the pain away, one more day. I don’t heal the same….It’s annoying. An old, bruised & battered “Wolverine.” (Comic Nerd Alert. NOT a shoutout to you “B.Diddy.” I hate Michigan, for those of you not “in-the-know.” Griese, Grbac, Harbaugh, Peppers, Wheatley, Woodson & that S.O.B. Brady.)

I arrived at the Crown Alley Pub, “fashionably” 15 minutes early. You know how I do. Decent parking. And my “writing spot” in the corner was available. This guy…..


Holy Shit! He is amazing! Probably more amazing than the Brown Sugar Bourbon I’ve been sipping. And that’s saying alot.

I’m down to the last 10% on my tablet. It’s gonna die shortly. I’ll type til the screen goes black.

So I’m sitting here in the pub still. “Lone-wolfing” it, as a “Pack of One” does on a Friday night. And a table of folks I know comes in. Being the only one that isn’t in his 40’s, I feel like I can’t sit at the “old folks table.” It feels pretty awesome & funny. “Lil Roderick” in the corner & at his own table, typing away. Reminds me of being at my Grandmother’s house during the summer, cuddled up with my volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica. My older cousins, out running the streets like hoodlums & thugs… And me, just off in my own world; Doing my thing. Tonight, I notice it… Because I laugh at my oddball self. 5% battery left. I’m running out of shit to say & time to talk… 2nd set of Daniel Walker playing… This dude is sending us to bed with some “smoove” guitar…. No lie. Last I.P.A. & my foot is tapping… I’m getting old. Music without words is becoming more a part of my routine. Note to self: SHUT THE FUCK UP RODERICK!

Goodnight Y’all. Enjoy your weekend…. Catch ya on the flipside maaaaaaaan! 1%


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