How to play nice. Clearly, not one of my strong points.

“You’ll attract more flies with honey, instead of vinegar….” I heard my grandmother say that on numerous occasions. Perhaps she could have beaten it into me? I probably would have received the message more clearer. And now here I am, rekindling the spark of an old memory, trying to put on a smile. Why? Refer to the first sentence. I’ve found myself in an odd, but very welcomed predicament: I don’t need shit from anyone. Hell, I’ll go a step further & say unequivocally, I don’t need anyone. And although life didn’t turn out the way I dreamed. The current life I’ve carved out for myself is by design. Needless to say, that when confronted with bullshit (in whatever form it manifests itself), I say or behave, however I want & seemingly with impunity. Living in a small community such as this one, I’ve realized I can’t do that; I gotta see these people damn near every day; My kiddo has to interact with their children. So I parce my words…. Carefully constructing them in a manner in which they shouldn’t offend. They often do however. And in that instance, I’m left wondering: “Why did I hold my tongue?”

Today while confronting my “Boss” about my money, I was incensed at the fact that I have to wait an additional day. Those that know me, know that you don’t fuck with my children, brother (& his family), or my money. I’m sure that’s how most folks feel. So I’m not special. But I will fight you. And I’m built for that.

(Kidding. Full disclosure, I’m too damn old for all of that. I’ll just chew your head off & yell a lil bit now; Teddy Bear.)

If you owe a man/woman money, you pay that man/woman when you say you will. Not a day later. Not an hour later. But when you say you will. It’s a matter of respect (A whole other issue to be discussed at a later date). And although my texts left a poignant taste in their mouth that garnered an elevated tone intially. It quickly subsided when I didn’t meet their aggression with my own. For the record…. That was some tough shit! ESPECIALLY, when I know I’m right! I always have something to say, to attest to the fact that I’m right. Not today though. Today was “opposite day” for me. I remained calm….. Voiced my displeasure with the situation…. Even chuckled while getting yelled at a lil…. And most importantly, kept my job.

34 minutes until I’m off the clock. Will I have my money before walking out the door?


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