My last big fight…. Yeah right!

August 28, 2018 at 1:30pm, I finally settled this child support stuff with Ayanna’s mother- The final hearing/argument/modification. I went into it armed with nothing but logic, my attorney’s “good luck” & a calm demeanor. I started the day knowing it was a big day. Speaking to a friend that morning, I was asked the question, “Are you ready?”

Blast Off!

I began sweating profusely, talking fast & shaking. You damn right I was ready! At that moment however, I was too ready. Words of encouragement calmed me down a little bit. But once the conversation ended, I was starving. So I made myself a breakfast of wheat toast w/ black bean spread & 2 over-easy eggs. From there, I grabbed my “herbal medication,” meditation pillow, glass of water & sat on my picnic table, overlooking the lake. I don’t know how long I meditated/”zoned out.” But by the end of it, I was ready for a nap.

Let me say this: Retiring to the beach, has really made me appreciate the value of a damn good nap!

So after about 90 minutes, I awaken & it’s 30 minutes til showtime! So I smoke another bowl, really chill-the-fuck-out, gather my paperwork and head to the lake. Damn, it was gorgeous. A perfect day for a win!

The hearing started 2 minutes late. Fish were jumping out of the lake, eating insects, teasing me. The sun was beaming & I wanted to be on my 10-speed. None of it mattered however. The mission at hand, was getting this “money-grubbing” woman’s hands out of my pockets.

After the formalities, Judge Turner went to what I deemed important: The numbers. And that was my entire argument. From there she asked if there was anything I wanted to add. Amazingly (to use a poker term), I “checked” & responded with, “No.”

Ayanna’s mother (“M”), took the bait. She immediately went into “Woe is me” mode, asking to be reimbursed for expenses beyond the 90 day period & complaining that I stopped the automatic drafts from my bank account. Judge Turner shutdown her attempts for the old expenses & asked why I stopped the autodrafts. I explained that due to clerical errors or “M” withholding income, the process is delayed with my rebuttal by 30-90 days- Inherently, “taxing” me at a higher rate than obliged, for that same 30-90 days. This was just the first time I put my foot down & refused to pay more, because I had NEVER received a credit the previous 3 modifications.

Upon siding with me & my reasoning, Judge Turner informed “M” that looking at the numbers, she could see that the monthly obligation would be drastically reduced. I was so excited to hear that, I didn’t bother getting greedy, asking for anything more. Rule #1: Be thankful for what you get.

Long story short, I’ll only end up paying 1/3 of what I currently owe for the last 3 months. All of which will be paid September 1st.

In other news…. I was offered a “voluntary” editor position, at a Washington father’s rights group last Saturday. My decision is due in 3 days. And with this current victory, I think I’ll take it.


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