Goddamn, I kinda miss writing! It’s been 24 days since my last post. Unfortunately, ain’t much changed. My weight has plateaued at a decent spot… Eva is still amazing… And currently my scalp has developed another annoying keloid, that likes to ooze. I’ve been put on antibiotics, but haven’t heard back from the doctor that cultured the keloid. I’ll probably give her a call tomorrow morning. Here’s something stupid, I just realized: I’m drinking a raspberry hefeweizen currently & on antibiotics.

But that isn’t the only stupid thing I’ve been doing… I’m still sleeping with a woman I probably shouldn’t be sleeping with… And it’s fucking fantastic! Am I sounding like an addict or an asshole?

This weather out here has taken a turn for the worse. My bike riding has been sporadic at best, the last few weeks. That’s a bummer as I’ve substituted the eliptical for it now. And I absolutely hate that thing. I feel confined to a glass cage, running on that thing, looking at the geese, ducks & herons congregate on the lake. Have you ever played Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird,” to a lake full of birds?

There’s a certain freedom that comes with riding, or just exercising outside. I’ve considered road running again, like I used to do. I just worry about my pelvis moving, back going out, right leg going dead & ending up stranded in the sticks. Did I mention there’s bears out here? Safe to assume, they love the dark meat…. Or any meat, during this time of year. Add to it, I smell really good… Ripe for the picking!

Thanks for reading this shorty, but goodie…. My free time is coming to an end, but this beer isn’t. I’ll holler.


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